VIP Collection - a new shop concept

VIP Collection is a well-known brand with more than 10 years experience on Polish market, characterised by wide products range and attention to the highest design quality. The company offers both an elegant leather accessories (wallets, briefcases, cases, bags, etc.), as well as typical cases necessary for the trip.

The main question was: how to combine the presentation of exclusive leather goods brand with large, and colorful suitcases often made ​​of plastic? This question led us to create two distinct areas in the shop: Cabinet and airport.

Cabinet area, which offers leather products brand is an intimate and elegant place defined by lowered ceiling, wooden finish, furniture, soft and warm color of lighting, comfortable floor covering.

Airport area is the place of suitcases exposition. It captures the atmosphere of travel, airport, railway station and continuous motion. To generate this atmosphere we`ve used open ceiling with exposed installations, lighting on rail, gray ceramic flooring. Functional wooden stairs of the exhibition with large format background graphics remind of "travel postcards".

By combining the two different zones in one store, we`ve achieved an interesting and original store arrangement.


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