T-Mobile HQ Revitalization

We were invited to participate in a project of revitalization of the headquarters of T-Mobile Poland S.A.

Our task was to design and coordinate the work in the heart of the building, which employs about 2,000 people. The whole task was realized in less than two months.

After a thorough analysis of the building, communication, habits and needs of employees and the addition of a company culture, we have developed a number of places to meet, work, educate and selfdevelopment. Every place got a friendly name (eg.: EDU, HUB, SUN, GYM, FUN, BAR, NYC, EAT).

All atypical furniture were created in the studio A+D, resulting in important savings of time and money.

We have used simple tools (sounds, colours, lights, stylizations etc. for great effect.

The introduction of new features, places and aesthetic solutions met with great acclaim. So our project was therefore increased by a further six floors of the T-Mobile office building.

Knowledge of the company, intuition and the experience allowed us to create a new quality in the working environment.

By the way: we are thankful for trust and fascinating adventure, which is to work with T-Mobile (formerly PTC Era) continuously since 2005!

We invite you to contact us for more details!

Designers: Dariusz Gocławski, Karolina Opałczyńska, Jacek Strzembkowski, Małgorzata Kulig, Katarzyna Kozłowska.


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