Shop concept for The Earth Collection - ecology in design

The Earth Collection is the brand that sells its products in more than 30 countries around the world. The specific requirements of our client are connected with his philosophy. Since the foundation, the company pays special attention to environmental protection and respect for human rights.

When we have been chosen to develop the concept of a sales network in Poland, a natural starting point was the adoption of rules: recover / repair / reuse. Therefore, we decided that in each newly created store the largest number of already existing elements is maintained. In addition, we put emphasis on the use of recycled materials. We gave up with the "exotic" to prevent from using non ecologic means of transportation to provide materials on site.

The first store of The Earth Collection kept the old items, such as brick walls. We decided not to hide installations on the walls. We decided to paint them black and red to have an interesting decorative element. Wooden traps, located on the street provide smooth entry way into the premises. Also it is a lightweight and non-invasive way to connect store level with the exterior and to hide installations.

Oblong, "tram" shape of the room inspired us to use the old R13 tram seats. This recycling is not only one of the principles of the client, but also pays homage to former designers and a reference to the local atmosphere of Saska Kepa. doing this we`ve established a broader philosophy of The Earth Collection emphasizing the respect for human rights and fostering social responsibility.

The main element that identifies stores throughout the country is a cabinet by our design. They are used not only for clothes but also for convenient separation of the area. Enclosure frame is made of brush painted steel and reinforced glass, while the "back" is made of the Polish linen or corrugated cardboard. The concept involves changing the material used for the "back" depending on existing products that emphasize local character.

Concept perfectly implements philosophy of the client. At the same time the solutions make each store unique, yet recognizable as part of The Earth Collection "family".


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