Restaurant Cafe Mozaika

The legendary Cafe Mozaika is a well known place since late 60's.

Our task was to bring life to the legend.

After almost one year of hard work, the result is stunning.

Every day new guests are discovering the renovated legend.

The existing "old" floor was contrasted with pure white columns made of concrete.

Simple materials from mid century were used to bring some aesthetic into the interior.

The function and zones are keys to the effectiveness of the place.

Almost all furniture were designed especially for this place.

Logo: Cuda Wianki Studio.

Interiors: Dariusz Gocławski, Olivia Zuk, Jacek Strzembkowski.

Furniture design: Olivia Zuk, Krzysztof Kołodziejski, Paulina Karwowska.

Panorama 360:   TU.


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