Rain by India Curry - a real taste of India - gold and colours

The very first and probably the best Indian restaurant in Poland was renewed by our team.

After analyse of the place we have decided to add new functions (a drink bar) and to replace a scenography with real materials + adding some colours.

During construction works some columns made of concrete were discovered. We have plated the real concrete with golden plates (24K) to reach an amazing effect: baroque texture of the concrete + gold.

Delicate curtains are hanged right next to columns as a contrast.

The place is dedicated to leisure, enjoying food, drink and to spend time with friends. Our design creates the perfect environment to those functions: with vibrant colours, beautiful contrasts, amazing materials and smart zone distribution.

The work was a great experience as we used to find solutions satisfying the Investor (with an international perception of styles and design) with local conditions.
The effect is just great - come and see, come and try... www.rain.pl


Design: A+D, Dariusz Gocławski, Agata Knapik, Kacper Kempisty, Marcin Rybak.
Architect: Antoni Tyczyński


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