PGNiG - modern customer service offices

We have created a concept for the PGNiG (Polish Oil and Gas Mining Company) - one of the largest companies in our part of Europe, which supports thousands of customers a day. Tradition of the company dates back to the operations dating second half of the nineteenth century. Experience and the prestige of the brand encouraged us to create a customer service offices at the highest level, which can be easily and effectively managed and could provide simple and professional communication and comfort - for both clients and consultants.

The starting point to create a new concept were numerous interviews and conversations with customers and staff throughout the Poland. We asked, we listened and noted. We spent a great deal of attention to the analysis and conclusions, which enabled the creation of the concept to meet the needs of customers and employees of PGNiG.

Properly selected lighting, functional furniture, high quality finishes and greenery. All this makes the new PGNiG facility an example of well considered interior concept, communication study and organization of space.


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