New Concept for a Chain of Salad Bars TUKAN

A new store concept for a chain of salad bars' TUKAN.

Organic, local and healthy.

Main decisions:

- a lot of hand writing (on boards, walls, shelf markers. TV's etc.)

- eye-catching graphic,

- a green wall made of salads, green leaves etc. (in an unique refrigerator with two types of lights),

- lights have been chosen carefully to highlight different attributes of the offer, zone etc. (we have used 5 different types of lights),

- order in VM and in communication,

- great precision to utilise the place (limited space vs. great offer's differentiation),

- space and surrounding utilisation (we have analysed light, consumers' flow, focal points etc to design the place and VM communication most effectively).


The most important part of the concept are graphics developed by the Cuda Wianki Studio.

The pilot point is located in the Galeria Mokotow in Warsaw, Poland.


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