MULTITAP - gastro bar - Stacja Grochów

Warsaw's Grochow is a difficult neighbourhood - full of blocks and dark gates.
A Station Grochow is a luminous place on a map of the district.
We've been inspired with what surrounded common: simple materials, untold stories, the aesthetics of the 70s.
We kept the existing floor, details.
With great attention the kitchen facilities have been designed in order to optimize the given space.
Many of the design decisions we had to make on the spot, in the course of work - in order to best expose details, views, sun, etc.
We decided to give this district a new place - friendly, full of light and bustle of life.
The project consist of many zones - zones in gastronomy is half the battle.
And the key to success is the identification / branding developed by Cuda Wianki Studio.
Logo, menu, the entire graphic design clearly refers to the local center: Uniwersam Grochow, to shops nearby.
The station Grochow is clearly fixed in place and serve their neighbours.
It is used to build social bonds at neighbourhood level.
The Stacja organize poetry readings, contests, shows, meetings.
Stacja Grochow is a good project of a multitap combining gastronomy with ambitions to build ties between the neighbours.

If you are going to open your own restaurant - we encourage you to contact us - we can help at every stage.


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