We had the pleasure to design and oversee the implementation of the canteen at the headquarter of T-Mobile Poland S.A. in Warsaw.


We've extracted the most valuable qualities of the space: sunlight, the visibility from the street, height, and views of the greenery out of the building.


With great efforts have divided the room into a number of different areas: exhibition / social ("common"), integration (with social table), fast (tables "express" by the long wall), the lodges and part of the "garden" with benches favorable isolate from office atmosphere.


Every day, hundreds of users choose a place that best suits their current needs (meeting / quick lunch, team integration etc.).


We designed installations, kitchen, lighting, furniture and so on.

Active supervised (author's supervision).


The project was extremely complicated due to the number of installations, the need to maintain the highest standards of the restaurant operator, developer and final customers.


The restaurant is a success and supports hundreds of people every day with both T-Mobile's office, as well as from the surrounding offices.


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