Corona Sok i Mus: A Store With Happiness

The BEST SHOP CONCPET 2017 / convenience store award winner.

The store sells health, energy, knowledge, etc. - hence it is called the "happiness" shop.

The offer includes mousses, juices, purées, soups, coffee, muesli, yoghurts. Each product helps to provide specific effects: health, energy, vitality, detox, strengthening, etc. The specialty of the store is the precise education and conscious use of antioxidants.
Despite its small size, the store offers fridge-free sales as well as sales of products prepared on an individual basis. An important function of the store is the education of customers. Antioxidants are just entering the popular language, and before they become well-known in the mind of a consumers, education takes more energy than selling.

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design: Dariusz Gocławski
Aleksandra Dębniak
Małgorzata Kulig
Agnieszka Do Van
Katarzyna Kozłowska
Jacek Strzembkowski
Graphic design: Cuda Wianki Studio


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