Corona Coffee - a chain of coffee points

In the heart of Szczecin was founded Corona Coffee.
A place for lovers of good coffee and healthy, tasty food.
The café took care of different needs and specially have separated several zones.
You can find here a meeting zone for coouples, a teamwork zone, freelancers' zone, rapid refreshment and others.
Each zone has a properly chosen lighting, furniture, climates.
The place is crreated on two levels and with projectors and sound system are possible meetings and workshops for even a dozen people.
Graphic design is brilliant. The identification has been created by Cuda Wianki Studio.
Excellent ornaments on the cups, carefully selected colors and a large number of accessories to help differentiate Corona Coffee from the competition.
All graphics are worthy setting for delicious coffee and special snacks.
Kitchen and bar facilities have been designed with the use of virtual reality.
Each element has been carefully matched to the available capacity in order to best use tiny place and at the same time ensure maximum comfort.
Facilities bar is mastery features and ergonomics.
Customers rave about the coffee, cakes, graphic design and nobility used finishing materials: rough wood from an old barn, a beautiful mosaic, carefully researched graphics, unique furniture.

We encourage you to visit this place - you really life taste differently.


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