An Interesting Office For a Unique Company: a Project for Huawei

We like to improve offices. Introduce new features, fittings, amenities. We are able to embellish and enhance work places. Revitalization of offices is a very effective tool: marketing but above all personal (HR).

We have been invited to develop a project to revitalize parts of the Huawei office / headquarters in Poland and to design new premises in the Tulipan House building, ul. Domaniewska 50 - the best building of the year.

We have combined elements from corporate identification with Chinese culture features. We managed to find a large number of rooms and functionalities to make the office and office work easier, nicer, more comfortable. Office space needs zones of silence, concentration. Working on projects means meetings, brainstorming, but above all, conversations, tracking progress. Our office project assumes a large amount of interaction, many places to work in concentration.

We put a lot of attention to rest, to relax. We know that a 15-minute break will raise by several dozen percent of productivity: mindfulness and commitment.

We have designed a meeting room, a showroom, a VIP meeting room, several rooms. We analyzed the whole office finding many facilities in the organization of work, in communication, in the placement of "strategic" places such as kitchenettes, print rooms, corridors, etc.

Office design, rearrangement of office space and modernization of older open space is a complex topic but the effects are visible at once and the fruits of office revitalization are worth all expenses.


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