We introduced the brand "Claire's" to Polish shopping centers!



Since 2010 Claire's introduce the brand to the Polish market. From the beginning we have provided comprehensive service maintaining the coordination of the work, supply and investor supervision.
Claire's is one of the most popular brands of artificial jewelery and accessories for teens in the world. International retailer currently has more than 3,000 units in Europe, North America and Japan. Recently launched a brand expansion in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland). The first Polish Claire's store opened in September 2010 in Warsaw Arkadia. Since then, thanks to our comprehensive services, a network of stores increased by an additional 20 units, which can be found in all the shopping centers in Poland. 

Claire's Stores have a precise repetition of the concept. Each consumer can easily identify the network, regardless of the place - wheter it is located in Tokyo, New York, or in Koszalin. Colors, lighting, zoning, placement of furniture and high quality finish (extremely important for the investor) are construcing the collection of elements that unify the image of Claire's stores around the world. A + D coordinates and ensures the correctness of the documentation during the implementation process. 

An interesting aspect of our cooperation with the foreign investor is the whole logistics. Design drawings sent by American architects have to be transformed by the executive branch to meet polish standards. Working with inches, language barriers, often different from the European principles of composition, different time zones, are just some of the steps, which our team had to climb in the early stages of cooperation.We`ve collected the necessary approvals of materials (often not available on the Polish market), the American mind hooking up with the Polish law, design and construction of various conditions malls, at the same time trying to maintain Claire's concept standards. 

We fought for the acceptance of a number of parties involved in the creation of our project: Americans (concept artist), English (European branch), Claire's Poland and, of course, coordination on behalf of Shopping Mall. By the way, thank you for fruitful cooperation. 

Advanced project management and their implementation in the tight timeframe is a real challenge, even for experienced architects which A + D team is. Our team continues to grow and now presents itself composed of Christopher Drzewoszewski, Anna Szablewska, Kacper Kempisty, Agata Smolich, and guest apperance of Agata Knapik and Gosia Seta. We have completed 21 stores and 7 objects are currently under construction, and all this in just one year.