Vision Express - concept stores design



We were invited to competition for the development of the concept stores for Vision Express Super Optician and Vision Express Trendy.
These are two store types offering similar products (frames, sunglasses), but in a different climate and aimed at different target groups.

VE Super Optician has a medical aspect (on-site eye examination, optical lab), with a wide selection of affordable frames and numerous promotions. Since the target group is very wide the interior we proposed is the most neutral. Bright, with elements of wood, clear division of brand products. Moving mirrors allow flexibility to share the exposure. The interior gives the feeling of being friendly and safe.

VE Trendy is aimed at customers aged about 35 years, the followers of the news, fashion, focused on creating self-image and looking for the latest technology in optics. In this case, we proposed an elegant game of black and white accented with strong graphics (bold style lamps, intense red wall). Products are presented in a comfortable intervals on horizontal surfaces. The interior is functional and at the same time emphasizes the individual style of the customers.