Concept for a Chain of Salad Bars


Darek Gocławski

Grab'n'go and healthy food are two dynamically developing segments of the catering market. The Tukan Salad Bar chain, very popular and present in several locations, has been completely revitalized by us.



We drew inspiration from similar points around the Capitol in Washington, USA. We accepted freshness, a short journey from "field to table" and ecology by placing shelves with growing herbs. We emphasized the seasonality of the offer by installing neon signs and chalkboards (the latter are in fact screens with specially invented backgrounds and fonts that pretend to be written with chalk).


We accepted the daily variability of the menu with chalk boards displayed on LCD screens. The whole thing is confusingly similar to handwriting thanks to a dedicated font.


Central management system

The central system for managing the content on the boards allows you to change the menu, prices, and promotional offers in the entire network of Tukan Salad Bar points in an instant.


Increase in turnover

Grab'n'go extensive offer has a significant impact on the increase in turnover. Thanks to well-lit display cases and refrigerated display cases with sandwiches, soups and mousses, the turnover of this part of the assortment increased significantly.

When creating the concept of the chain, we put emphasis on the promotion of good eating habits and pro-ecological behavior. We also had ideas to increase the company's turnover in the field of servicing special events, catering and this type of offer, using the presence in many strategic locations in Warsaw.



The concept has won a number of awards and prizes for the best concept, the best network and the whole remains timelessly attractive and effective.