the flagship store of the Sanitec-Kolo Group

In June 2009, flagship showroom for Kolo Sanitec Group by our design has been opened. Our customers wanted to develop an area which in addition to a sales function would also be the place of professional training and meetings with designers and architects.

In response to the needs of Sanitec Kolo Group we`ve divided the hall into two main zones: the exhibition and inspirational with additional conference area.

Latest products exhibition area was separated by solid concrete circle. White ceramic sanitary ware is exposed to radially arranged black walls. Ascetic way of exposure and adequate lighting allow you to focus on the shape of the presented products. Minimalistic, raw surroundings perfectly emphasize high quality and smart Sanitec Kolo design, without causing visual chaos, often found at the exhibitions of big amount of products.

Particularly noteworthy is the transparent ceiling - although made of cheap materials, it is very attractive and gives industrial building an elegant look. Radial construction and center with three large lamps indicate the central point of expositon facilitating orientation.

One of the requirements was to create an area that will supply ideas to individual customers. Therefore, we designed a zone of inspiration. It is located on the outside of the circle. There are 20 fully furnished bathrooms, in which we tried to present the widest range of products, taking the tastes and needs of different clients into account. Color and diffused soft light dominate here. This creates warm and intimate atmosphere.

SPA was separate area. Wooden terrace and walls created an environment for relaxation, ideal for exposure to massage products. White plane imitating windows brightens and adds depth to the space. Wood fitted with unique precision refers to bridges / traps in the gardens and at the same time underlines the high level of technology involved in the creation of interiors and products offered.

Elegant conference rooms complete showroom arrangement.

The best summary of our work are the words of a client, cited on its website: "The modern and unconventional interior design compliment both our customers as well as professionals from the architecture and interior design."

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