The first HARIBO store in Poland

In August 2022, the first HARIBO store was opened.


HARIBO Store Location:


The store is located in the Factory Outlet in Ursus. Most of the offer of this center is clothing, footwear, complemented by cosmetics, accessories, newspapers, drugstores, etc. and although the name includes a strong emphasis on outlet and sale prices, in the stores themselves you often have to look for products at a reduced price.


The immediate neighbor of the Haribo store is a store that sells chocolates. The other neighbors are classic clothing, footwear, sports, etc. So it is not a food, gastro or impulse aisle in front of the cash registers. It turned out that such a location brings great results for three reasons:


1 - break in monoculture: Customers a bit tired of the monotony of the offer (clothing / shoes / clothing / clothing, etc.) suddenly find a nice break: an inexpensive gadget with a low cost (calories, price, environmental impact) and considerable benefits (pleasure, novelty, limited editions), short selection and purchase time, gift opportunity, etc.).


2 - synergy: The adjacent "salon" with chocolates is already a recognized address on the map of the gallery and attracts customers with specific expectations, while Haribo completes the offer by targeting its product to a similarly wealthy but less "exclusive" consumer. You can often see parents going to one store and their children to another.


3 - A bargain without a bargain: The store offers goods with a "promotion" accent, but even the reduced price is not as attractive as in the nearby Outlets such as Action, Deals, etc. Not to mention stocks in large supermarkets. But despite this difference, customers decide to buy "at source" because of freshness, choice, service, impulse, and the breadth of the offer.


Store decor:


The display windows maintain the standard of the shopping center, ie go from the floor to the ceiling (4 meters of glass) and actually "draw in", ie they do not constitute a border between the passage and the store. This effect is additionally enhanced by the minimal covering of the shop window with furniture: on the left side there is a seasonal offer display with an illuminated poster and a small shelf for several products, and on the right side in the shop window there is a huge Haribo bear inviting to enter. Thanks to this, you can see the entire setting and offer of the store at a glance.


In the background, there is a large round yellow display, inviting visitors to enter and check the offer without obligation. The organization of the store is visible from the shopping arcade: the shelves are clearly labeled, advertisements on screens are displayed between the sections, and at the back of the store there is a "Pick & Mix" zone for self-placing products on the scale.


The counter-clockwise movement was assumed, so two checkout counters were set up at the end of the Customer's path. There are shelves / places for impulse products at the checkout, unusual to use the last moment with the customer to offer impulse purchase. In the rear part of the store there are low, free-standing shelves, providing additional meters of shelves.


This classic store plan works very well both for customers who feel comfortable in an easily recognizable furniture arrangement, as well as for the staff who can quickly spot shortages in the offer, rearrange the display or play with POS materials.


Visual Merchandising:


The store planogram is a real dream of every VM: space walls, clearly separated sections (sections), lighting on busbars, unified packaging with system holes for hanging, complementary offer (cups, smaller / larger packages, accessories, etc.), front (on the display on the display) of the accented product are the most important advantages of the store. The entire offer in the store is available without a ladder (ladders are only needed in the back room - in the warehouse and to move the lighting).


The goods are divided into sections, described in the headers of the racks. Within sections, it asks you to test the arrangement in columns or rows. The store has 13 screens with centrally managed content. This amount of moving image + sound allows you to effectively communicate current promotions, information, etc.


Very strong POS materials, incl. shelf markers, shelftalkers, banners, screens, floor stickers, large-sized figures, signs and rack headers perfectly highlight the colorful and varied assortment and greatly help in navigating the offer.

Careful visual merchandising, thoughtful customer path and carefully arranged lighting help to navigate the store and guide customers according to the established visit scenario. The new store could be a training ground for possible future openings.




It was decided to use about 40 lamps with very nicely cut light (not diffused but slightly focused, with beam angles of 24 and 36 degrees), at a temperature of 40,000 K, thanks to which the atmosphere in the store is a bit gallery-like and the obtained chiaroscuro is absolutely not associated with an outlet or a mass product. The general lighting is supplemented by the rack backlights "deepening" the store and adding space behind the shelves. The "Pick & Mix" zone at the end of the store is additionally illuminated to attract attention, attract attention and encourage deeper exploration of the premises. Most of the shelves have additional lighting of their own to eliminate shadows and add light to the first rows of packages.


The big challenge was to select the amount of lux (light) to ensure proper lighting of the products, because dark walls absorb light and a light floor can "offend" and interfere with the reception of the offer. The appropriate effect was obtained thanks to careful framing of the light on the shelves / goods and avoiding the illumination of the light floor. We also used the light to direct it to the goods and avoiding shining on dark walls.



Colors and materials:


The floor (wood effect / good quality PVC) is glued to the subfloor, so there is no rattling noise that is often heard underneath the planks. This material ensures quiet movement (does not give the gallery effect) but maintains the characteristics of the wood (micro softness, the feeling of "warm" home resulting from the texture and pattern of the wood). The racks have clear colored borders defining the divisions into sections / departments. Dark blue walls, black ceiling is not eye-catching, undeveloped. Through the center of the store runs a wide strip of ceiling in the same color as the walls (navy blue). Two large "caps" are mounted to the ceiling, shining white and allowing to reduce shadows when touching the goods (diffused light), and at the same time these fixtures make the store more pleasant, more accessible, lighter.


Steel and MDF furniture, mostly covered with colored foils and graphics.


Thanks to the consistent use of large areas of color and large and simple graphics, small products in very colorful packages gained the appropriate background.


The store has been in constant traffic since day one and I have not seen both checkout counters unused.


Offer and staff, social media:


The Haribo store offers, apart from the "flagship" products, various accessories related to Haribo, with the symbol - HARIBO teddy bear, with jellies and with the logo. The permanent offer includes atypical series, limited series, series of products from distant / foreign markets.


The staff knows the past and current offer very well, as well as the composition of the products offered.


The store is in a constant relationship with influencers and connects real with the virtual through high activity in social media.

Overall, great success and great interest of the media and customers, and the undoubted factor influencing the success of the facility is the positive attitude of the staff: a well-trained and selected team serving the store and customers.

The A+D Studio ( was responsible in this store for the lighting design and a set of detailed designs, for author's and investor's supervision, for formal issues related to the project. The design (concept) of the store and furniture as well as the graphics designs were created outside the A+D Studio.


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