ORGANICO 1st store in Poland 100% LED, 100% ECO

Organic, eco-friendly, bio, slim, fit, GMO, sustainable development...
These words often appear in the media as a marketing tool, so they lose credibility.

We had the pleasure to take part in creating special place that is the essence of the words "organic", "ecologic".

Because of Investor`s passion shop offers good food and organic cosmetics. The products are often searched directly, acquired and imported from around the world. This shortens the chain of intermediaries.

The arrangement had been created "organically": the same furniture arrangement took us about four months. For many weeks we had strolled between the imaginary shelves (outlines of shelves were marked on the floor with tape) checking comfort go and rack capacity.

Every detail: finish, manufacturer, quality, lighting, etc. were carefully selected. Choosing shades of walls, floors, ceilings, took almost 3 months. We`ve analyzed the proposals in the context of this particular place.

Brand logotype was also developed for several months. Everything was created at its own pace - carefully analyzed and "matured" to the result - Organico store in Warsaw, Mokotow district.

In addition to these features, the store has unique lighting. Organico is probably the first Polish grocery store with 100% LED fixtures. Both the main (upper reflectors) and accent light sources were carefully selected for strength and color (ie temperature light). Even back office, bathroom and toilet are lit with LED-s.

This shop is worth visiting. Client can experience traditional - or organic - form of commerce where products go the shortest way from the manufacturers to the shelf, where the owner is personally involved in the shop life, where technology (IT systems , light control, POS systems) is at the highest level, and where relationships between people emerge and grow.

Adress: Warsaw, ul. Żaryna 7th, Mokotow district

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