Dental Centre - Colour and Light

Our friend - a dentist asked us to help to design his dream - a Dental Center.

How to show kindness, modernity and professionalism by design?
What is the climate and what lighting will ensure the greatest comfort to users: patients and doctors?

Basic: rectangles and lines. They help to calm down. They suggest a simple course of the visit (and so usually is).

Juicy and carefully chosen. Also soothing effect. Bring a positive vibe. They help to keep a careful concentration of the staff and attract children.
Colours introduced in large formats and uniform layers.
Complemented by warm wood of furniture and floors with an elegant grey stone in bathrooms.

In the corridor: dynamic lines of light.
In rooms: we shine with whole ceilings. Without shadows. We reproduce all colours perfectly and especially we find finest nuances of white.
Beautiful and powerful asset to this project (and the whole center).

The layout:
We analysed dozens of possible arrangements and the perfect arrangement of spaces and functions has been realized.
We've suited every centimetre of the available area to meet the demands of very stringent rules on doctor rooms, rooms with X-rays, etc.

We have developed interior design and furniture, came up with the name, designed a logo and above all co-ordinated projects with authorities ...
Once again ... we smile ;)


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