Atelier Joanna Klimas Warsaw

Our client`s wish was to create a space that combines the shop, café and showroom. A place where customers could try on clothes designed by Joanna Klimas, have a talk drinking good coffee and enjoy fashion albums from the owner's private collection. In addition, the designer wanted to get a space that will allow fashion shows to be commited.

The starting point was the question of how to give style designed by Joanna Klimas clothes through the character of the interior so as to constitute an organic whole.

Joanna Klimas has repeatedly stated that she wants woman to be dressed, not dressed up. Her designs are simple in form and free of unnecessary ornamentation, yet suprisingly expressive and fresh. And so it was to be inside the studio.

We decided to preserve the unique atmosphere of the Warsaw Muranów from the 1950s by respecting the existing interior details. We`ve avoided excessive interference with the historic interior, at the same time not wanting to reproduce its former appearance. Using the original hardwood floors, wall texture, and window bars we worked to create a fresh, minimalist interiors that would be clear and subtle background for Mrs.` Klimas projects.

Atelier on Muranowska is an open space consisting of two rooms (4.5 meters of height) finished with Socialist Realist original stucco and connected by monumental portal. We are especially proud of the mezzanine, which, thanks to the unique design is very functional, but is also the main decoration of the area. By doing this we`ve obtained the surface on which normally are situated café tables and reading area. During fashion shows it changes into stands for spectators. Light, openwork structure covered with glass, doesn`t overwhelm the interior, and light flows freely to the ground floor level, where multi-functional wardrobe is. Elegant stairs, referring to the shape of sewing scissors retain lightness, even carrying large loads.

     The entire mezzanine was highlighted with more than 120 lamps with adjustable intensity in six exhibition areas, which allows perfect lighting during the show area on ground floor level.

     The obtained effect responds to the needs of our client. Open interior, where clothes are created directly in front of clients, does not hide anything.

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