The first store I've run was in 1979, when I was 6 years old. My first design of the store has been completed in 1998.

I'm fascinated about retail, brands, brand equity, selling / buying behaviours, marketing tools, social issues etc. I'm learning all the time: travelling, reading, preparing speeches or articles, studying newest solutions, trends and observing interior design trends.

I'm analysing why people are buying? Where? What? How do people shop? I watch markets, streets and shopping malls in UK, China, USA, Italy, France and in dozens of other corners of the world. At the same time I compare it with newest trends form exclusive streets of Milan, Paris, Hong Kong and NYC.

It is my passion.

After graduation in Polish Architectural Studies and after few years of work in Japan, European and American companies, in 2004, I've started the A+D studio (Architecture + Design).

What is my goal? To create unique places, objects and experiences. Places that we all will be proud of; places which provide the needed sell's effectiveness and brand / marketing accuracy. And what is most important: places that because of the smart design provide to the customers / users unique experiences and comfort.

It is important for me to create the best: positive and creative environment for our work. Everyday.

As an architect I pay attention to keep engineer's precision in design, communication, planning and cooperation with our friends, partners and subcontractors.

I'm an expert in office, retail and gastronomy design.

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The team is a strong group of people with engineering education and artistic skills. We are architects, artists, designers, engineers, humanists but all of us are mostly designers

We work together and it gives us great creative forces. We are improving our skills and knowledge all the time. We develop ourselves in many directions because we know that wide understanding and erudition create a basement for finding appropriate solutions.

Our work is our passion and A+D is the place where we can express it... 

more about us:

Current team of A+D:

Karolina Opałczyńska, Małgorzata Kulig, Jacek Strzembkowski, Małgorzata Gierwielaniec, Kamila Matras, Michał Podgórski, Sebastian Rumiński, Natalia Arciszewska.

A+D in the past:

Janusz Kościołowski, Jan Poczobut, Kamila Miryn, Krzysztof Kołodziejski, Agnieszka Piwnik, Magdalena Kołodziej, Hanna Madziar, Klaudia Jerominek, Anna SzablewskaAntoni Tyczyński, Joanna Tyrała, Nadia Mitlosh, Rafał Dębski, Agata Knapik, Marek Witaszewski, Agata Smolich, Aleksandra Romanowicz, Andrzej Piekarski, Anna Irek, Edyta 'Ida' Wojciechowska, Kacper Kempisty, Edyta Rutkowska, Ewelina Michalska, Ewelina Para, Joanna Piotrowska, Marcin Kosma Rybak, Małgorzata Seta, Iwona Klęczaj, Iza Krupkowska, Jacek Chaczykowski, Joanna Kawałko, Katarzyna Królik, Katarzyna Książek, Kinga Konopko, Krzysztof Drzewoszewski, Marcin Musiej, Marta Budny, Marta Lew, Fabrice Grolaire, Sofia Alonso Fernandez, Piotr Lichota, Jurij Grabowski, Przemysław Maziarz, Radosław Lisiński, Rafał Zwoliński, Renata Ejsmont, Sławek Koc, Ewa Kostrzewa, Tomasz Zychiewicz, Urszula Ramus, Wioletta Serafin and others...