Warsaw Seen by a Spanish



The first thing that struck me in this town were the people: all friendly and have no problem with helping. Even if you do not know the language they try to understand and make you feel comfortable.

On the first day of my visit, people who didn`t not know me, did not have any problems with hospitality in the flat for as long as I needed and were willing to show me the city.

It is a cosmopolitan city without big amount of very tall buildings, all surrounded by parks and greenery, where the trees are often higher than buildings.


- Warsaw has a lot of multi-functional kiosks on the street where you can buy newspapers, tram ticket, water.
- There is no window blinds, such as in Spain - where the sun shines, it wakes you up (unless you use curtains)
- People do not always eat meals during the same hours
- In the city you don`t need a car to travel, because it has an amazing communication system: trams, buses and a lot of taxi companies.
- Fruit stalls on every street and people eat fruit daily

I'm not sure how is the health service, but there are plenty of pharmacies, many paramedics are sold in supermarkets. What captivated me the most is the streets. They are wide, there is room for everything and everyone, on many streets are strips of greenery and trees, tram tracks, lanes for cars and wide sidewalks.

I have yet to discover the city since I arrived three days ago.