shopping trends for 2016 in Poland - shopping centres report


Darek Gocławski

An overview of the latest trends in the arrangement of shops on the Polish market - what's new, fun, cool concepts you what to implement what works in Poland (because probably not all that "the world", in our work?).

Article Darek Gocław to store SHOPPING CENTRES IN POLAND - MARKET REPORT 2015.


It promises to be a regular year: no one predicts the invasion of foreign brands, hardly anyone remembers about the crisis, grants from the European Union operate unchanged and wealth and the shopping habits of Poles maintain fixed rates, ie .: wealth of society is polarized and habits based on three pillars: the Internet , storefronts and quite specifically on the European scale on comparison websites.

Polish market is already saturated than the average European shopping centers - and we are planning a few hundred thousand. m2 of new space. On the sidelines - we have enough fresh centers and against the background of Europe we rank extremely modern and already most of the gallery is working on a reform of the portfolios tenants, offers, and image services available. We can be proud of the Polish shopping centers. Several of the galleries tests beacons. Just as the TV it can not burn because of the need to install software - and not everyone wants to open a window on the ad.

We'll see how the technology will work as an example and beacon in a collision with a strong sense of "mojszości" with visitors gallery.

Let's start with the global trends.

The year 2016 is dedicated to three main trends.

Trend One is minimal.

For example, the input COS brand to the United States. Swedish aesthetic - simple shapes, pure materials, bright colors, functional solutions, saving decoration craft collides with the tradition of trading in scale XXXL and ... wins minimal - was fashionable ecology and now fashionable is minimal. This trend is becoming more apparent in interior design stores, where architects are on the head of the marble, brass and wood paneling to make a composition different from hundreds of similar. Oh - and eating lots of white, outdoor installations and preserved (or fake) floor.

The second trend in 2016 it locally.

Local suppliers will help turn local interests. Community meets at bazarku (eg. Lidl), a nationwide network of local accentuate attachment eg. Painting the city map on the wall. This trend is growing particularly strongly in the food industry, where the shops join in the struggle for better conditions of purchase and at the same time is limited to the region, the region. He follows this economic patriotism, promotion of regional roots and values, support local suppliers, filling the role of a forum for local communities.

Attempts to implement this trend to the malls can be seen in the development of chain stores with a local design, patisserie / cafe in the development of small retail parks such red bag, where local entrepreneurs can occur.

The third major trend is the technology.

As I mentioned, beacons occurred but it was as if we were talking about going into space and were happy that we introduce Velcro instead of laces. Because today's technology in the store to ocean possibilities. In the resulting chain of stores under the name (I recommend to study this page). Stores offer modern technology for anyone who wants to work and rent premises (under appropriate conditions). The stores include RFID (automatic identification of visitors without eye contact), speakers, jet zoning media tailored to groups of products / places in the store, beacons, LED wall (wall displaying HD / propaganda / colors etc.), touch screens, kiosks for self-reset ( a) "smart changing room" - fitting with cameras and scanners prompting, I get the size with which to combine clothes and accessories displays the image, how they would look in different clothes without dressing up ,. According needs can also display the image (at any angle) anywhere on earth - eg. In the evening on the Champs-Elysees or night club. Payment of the cells is a classic but it is not a classic VR drome - a large area surrounded by the image of the store (3600). Complemented a concierge service.

Thus, the global trends are minimal, locally and technologies.

And what with us will be a distinctive trend in 2016?

Perhaps the aforementioned fashion and will be in Poland to grow, which can already be seen, especially in stores foreign brands.

And what it is specific to our market?

Increasingly, I meet with the changes in the surface of the shops - in shopping malls see films on the desired shift. Until recently, it was 120-180 m2 and now the best surfaces are 120m2 to 400m2 or above.

The second trend is the pop-ups. There are initiatives to develop these few% vacancy rates, which are available in the galleries. Dozens studio or designers working on hundreds of pop-ups surpassing in minimizing costs, increasing the spectacular design and trying to ensure the presence of the brand where customer.

It is worth mentioning about the third trend, which must appear - "charakterność."

Strolling through the mall, you can get the impression that a similar product is similar stores. If someone does not know the brand and the store really hard to distinguish the features of the offer without a thorough analysis of the product and interior design / advertising. Most companies declare their willingness to development, releasing several series of seasonal products, repay loans, etc. Therefore, we need to stand out (or die).

The fourth trend - my favorite - a small catering.

After entering shops catering to M & S, nothing stands in the way in addition to the coffee machine appeared in a clothing store, cafe or even a mini-bar. This trend is particularly evident in the food industry.

In general, 2016 is the year of the food industry: the end of 2015 appeared in the net Carrefour complementing thus the presence of large networks on the Internet. It is true that at the moment does not sell food but it always has to start somewhere. Experts repeat, that there is still plenty of room for the development of food sales over the Internet.

Stationary stores are working to offer more attractive, eg. By extending product offerings and BIO EKO, emphasizing cooperation with local manufacturers, expand the product range and the introduction of delicatessen small catering.

Interestingly growing network of Kolporter - bring bistro area and also found a niche - occur in hospitals.

Network traffic is going to amount: from 2000 points to have a plan in mid-2016 up to 5000 points (part of the franchise) with the possibility of receiving shipments of e-commerce. Paczkomaty also have to be at post offices, stations Orlen et al. - Who first, the better.

The new format is growing Marcpol, Lidl (urban format).

On the occasion of the discount is worth mentioning another trend - the development of the offer of ready meals and introducing a discount of BIO and ECO. Two years ago, working on the concept for Organic Green Eye did not think that the popularity of healthy eating to reach the discount.

Speaking of trends, I can not omit Ladybugs (Jeronimo Martins). Jeronimo Martins tests ... clinics - medical clinics located at shopping malls. Ladybug also introduces zones catering and develops the format of convenience stores - opening shops in clusters of offices in young / trendy neighborhoods in modern buildings.

Tin halls with a ladybug on the roof continued to develop at their own pace in parallel.

Both in stores with food (drinks etc.), as well as in other establishments commercial service, it is clear progressive care of the customer, to provide customized solutions, special care and counseling 1 to 1.

Support for individual declare, among others, PaWo, Caterina. We can meet with this trend stations in telesales, in coffee shops - everywhere.

At the end of three themes:

internet and stationary shop finally merged. After several years of debate, how to connect, or merge, how to prevent losses, etc., Sellers began to act in order to exploit the potential of each of the available channels to reach customers. Clearly linking the sale of a variety of channels - that is, combining bold efforts at various levels to sell the same product. These actions may consist of: consultancy in the store, on forums, on websites, presenting products - in the store, on the sides, on various occasions, proposing additions complementary building worlds in conjunction with brands addressed similar audiences etc., offering product watch live, orders received by the party and at home from the courier, et al.

The second topic is the introduction of a tax on turnover. I cooperate with the furniture business, and you can hear very concerned about a possible reduction of profitability of the action and so little profitable furniture stores. Similar concerns are local shops - about 250m2, which operate on the margins of 1-2% (remember, that tax applies to stores over 250m2 and is expected to reach 2%).

The third topic - optimistic - it is a law intended to reduce the number of shops with alcohol. In Warsaw alone from about 3500 to about 2000. There will therefore be tens of thousands of points to use. It's just a riddle - what it appears.

Therefore, we are waiting for us ordinary year but with extraordinary potential. Let us watch the market, let us learn from various industries and be bold in exploring alternatives. Serving Sara and who is, this goes backwards. At least that's the trade.


ARTICLE released in March 2016.