Presentations in the A+D


Darek Gocławski

All guest are welcome to join the A+D Academy lectures:


1. "Building an image of the retail trade network through logical and intelligent store design"

05.12.2013 , 16:30

Lecture illustrates the rules of creating coherent concepts and shows the main components of a successful concept.


2. "Postcards from Milan"

05.12.2013 ,  17:15.

Choose of a dozen interior designs from Milan. Mainly clothing stores, notions but also one food concept.

Lecture provide comments.

3. "Trends in showrooms design"

09.01.2014 , 16.30.

Lecture shows main direction in organizing /selling and displaying products related to fashion.

The whole lecture is based on logical rules and brands classification .

4. "Retail trade and catering in the USA - shops, bars, places"

09.01.2014, 17:15.

Dozens of photographs depicting interesting design solutions and tips related to  retail trade , shops , shopping and arranging Commercial spaces in NYC and Washington.

Practical hints enriching workshop and giving arguments to the discussions with investors.

5. "Recent trends in the design of stores"

23.01.2014, 16.30.

We will analyse the main factors which form shopping scene. We will discuss several solutions and realizations from the whole world.

6. "Ideas from Beirut / Lebanon"

23.01.2014, 17:15.

A series of photos from various commercial spaces (shops and restaurants) with innovative , original practices.

Lecture provide comments.


Each lecture lasts approximately 40 minutes.


Participation in the lecture is free of charge for A+D and PSPW members ( ).

Other guests are welcome to bring drinks, biscuits, snacks , etc. ;)

Please confirm your presence / possible attending by sending e-mail ( including your name / company or join to the event on Facebook:

After lectures we expect discussion :)