Poznan Lacina, Galeria Wilanow, Lodz Plaza, Sports Star Plaza in Belgrad, Makrum in Bydgoszcz and Arena in Barnau/Russia


Darek Gocławski

in half of 2014 the openning of the Pozan Lacina shopping center:

- area 98 000 m2

- 245 shops and 25 restaurants

- extras: Multikino, Carrefour and Leroy Merlin.

The size and the program of the mall is simmilar to Warsaw's Arkadia shopping center...


Much smaller is the Galeria Wilanow. With its local meanning, strong portfolio of tenants and quite powerful customers it can be a "must win" investment. Galeria Wilanow can be simmilar to Warsaw's Sadyba Best Mall or even to Warsaw's Klif... To be observed.


The Plaza chain is groving. Negotiations of bank loans for two investmenst are almost finished. Planned Plazas are: Lodz Plaza (45 000 m2) and Sports Star Plaza in Beograd / Serbia (over 40 000m2).


Makrum Development has recieved a building permit for the construction of the Makrum retail centre (Lesna street in Bydgoszcz). Area: 55 600 m2.

(source: Eurobuild CEE, April 2012)