NICI new store concept



We have developed a concept for NICI shops. Our task was to create an interior attractive not only for children but also teenagers, twentysomethings, and even the elderly. Store had to attract customers eyes, but at the same time the diversity and color range of the products available in the store needed to be standardized and calmed. 

While working on this project we took into account different product lines that require a separate exposure, as well as the possibility of re-arrangement. The ideal solution was spacewall and shelves that guaranteed to not only clear presentation of the products, but also mobility (seller can move the shelves freely through spacewall adapting them to the needs of exposition) and the maximum capacity in store (which is important for the investor).

NICI shops is a game of three colors: white, black and violet. White spacewall and furniture are the perfect backdrop for displaying multi-colored products. The floor and ceiling are in contrasting black. It masks the technical installations visible on the ceiling, and by high-gloss tiles on the floor gives the interior a bit of exclusivity. Violet is the color of the logo. It is a bold accent color, but does not dominate in the interior.

We`ve opened four NICI stores in: Opole, Wrocław, Łódź and Poznań.