New brands in Zlote Tarasy / Warsaw / Poland: Victoria's Secret, Jack Wolfskin, Gant, Zara Home, Swiss Cafe & Chocolate and other


Darek Gocławski

Zlote Tarasy (Warsaw) are 5 years old. New brands are coming to the mall. Many stores are bunder remodelling / refreshment. Almost 50% of teenants will be changed (98 shops out of 200).

New brands are coming, including: Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Jack Wolfkin, Games Workshop, SwissCafe & Chocolate by Lindt, Bynamesakke, Gant, Mark O'Polo, Zara Home, Naturhouse and other.

Our last realisation of the VIP showroom in Zlote Tarasy has been very warm welcommed. It gains positive comments as well as the rest of our realisations in this mall. We've done 9 stores in Zlote Tarasy by now.