New A+D studio


Darek Gocławski

We have moved to a new place.

Two times bigger, just under the sky...

The studio is groving "organically" - we adopt the space/places according to our needs - with a flow of the time, with natural recognition of our needs and local specific conditions.

We find and adopt places to work, we mark paths (communication), we find /create places for relax (discovering plays of lights and shadows, views, comfort).

Basic needs of secure and work are already set:

- electric network (each plug in is mounted on an independent track),

- WiFi (max speed and secure - we are free - we are not sticked to places),

- lights (with many ways of customization, few scenarios).

There will be also:

- training room (sometimes it's good to express current feelings by hiting a trainning bag), model making room (over 40 sq. meters), showroom (with natural materials, surfaces, textures etc.), and a big drawing desk... Yes - we will come back to good masterpiece work: idea (mind) - expression (sketch/drawing) to avoid "digitalizaction" of the concept at the very beginning of creation. Doing this way we believe that our environmet will support creativity, team communication, deep problem analyzes etc.

There is one very important place prepared already - the meeting room. Under the sky, with unlimited perspectives (on a picture).

New address:


street: Słupecka 2a/20

02-309 Warsaw, Poland

(near the Narutowicza Sq.)

We are here since May, the 1st, 2012.