Milan - stores and handles


Darek Gocławski

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Milan. My attention was attracted  among handle.

Almost every shop had its own - specially designed grip / handle. This element is the first and often the only time a customer contact with the brand through touch.

My favorite was a railing made ​​of ivory with burned patterns made ​​by the emigrants probably looking for a new world - traveling to the USA. Handle built the image of mens shirts shop.

Second place went to the handle made of plexiglass with embedded page of Diary - nice hand writing, a lot of content, consistent with the look of children's clothing store.

Typical solutions for the most of the stores are rails / holders with company logo.

Simple solutions are interesting - the heart, spoons or suggestion of semicircular metal work in store for young couples ...

On the occasion of the designing concepts for shops, boutiques, showrooms, we encourage investors to use this simple and effective solution for stores opened in Poland.

As can be seen, for example in shopping malls, foreign chain stores assemble these "gadgets" without any "buts". If the Polish network have to compete with the imported concepts, let's take care of every detail of the arrangement. Handle is an extremely effective (and easy to implement) component of the concept.