Design of the AIOLI Restaurant / Deli / Bar


Darek Gocławski

 In June 2012, we began working on a new concept that could combine functions of deli, restaurant, bar, sandwich point, meeting place or space for events.

We have looked for inspiration in the environment and inside the building (piece of socialist realism architecture).

We`ve decided to keep the existing building substance, keep and the natural materials and to minimize interference with the place.

We`ve hammered plaster, floors, dropped ceilings that revealed the original bricks, beams and columns. There were real materials. Something that we are missing in an environment where most of the experiences are artificially created by the scenery. We got genuine "package" of ceilings and walls.

The next step was to plan functions of the place.

We decided to divide the plan into zones:

daytime - beautifully lit (windows facing south with a view to the busy Swietokrzyska Street)

nighttime (in the depths of the place, with tables spaced freely for social experiences).

In the daytime area we set large table - solid and big enough for 20 person group of friends to meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In this zone there is also a coffee bar and salad shop.

Unique experience available in the zone is the night view of the busy street through the shelves with colorful bottles behind the bar.

The restaurant has a lot of places with a very different character that meets different needs and values. Place will be non-stop discovered at different times of day / year and by people with different needs.

The bar has a chance to be reviewed as the best bar in Warsaw ...

Recycled equipment

Equipment has been collected from various sources to maintain honesty and avoid artificial scenery.

There are shelves designed for deli - unique products imported or made for Aioli. Shelves were designed in conjunction with the architect and locksmith. The result: beautiful welds, reliable design, simplicity and proportion of furniture - solutions are unique and unavailable in CAD design.

Practically the whole place is designed organically - by hand, by analyzing the place and walking between the imaginary island bars, tables, imagining the interior burned by southern sun or fun at four in the morning.

Real materials, functional solutions, great flexibility when it comes to possible functions, openness to carry variety of events. Incorporating coffee bar, restaurant, sandwich point, salad bar, meeting place and many other functions requires the involvement of several dozen professionals and contractors. This huge contribution to creativity and work has resulted in a place with great potential. Place for different people and for different occasions.

We are proud of this realization, and we encourage you to visit and personally assess the effectiveness of the adopted solutions.


lead architect: mgr inż. arch. Marta Lew, A+D