article for "TOP LOGISTICS" magazine about shop design regarding needs of logistics


Darek Gocławski


From my point of view, as an architect designing and equipping stores and retail areas, i recognize extending logistics timeframe as main error.

Common mistakes include:

- No marks for the supply of goods from the access road, parking
- Underexposed and unmonitored ramp
- Different floor levels
- Too narrow or too wide (loss of area) back-corridors / supplies roads
- No cell coverage (after all, you can boost the signal)

With regard to the shop area, here are the most common errors:

- Facilities unsuitable for delivery and labeling of goods
- Corridors unsuitable for transporting pallets (with supplies, equipment parts, furniture and expo elements)
- Ceilings in back office area without reinforcements allowing the accumulation of storage (usually 3.00 m of height max).

Errors also occur in the same stores users' awareness. The managers of institutions often marginalize the requirements for supply of goods. The result is unnecessary nerves, supply damage, theft, loss of time, mess during arrival of goods.
It is known that these remarks do not apply to smaller stores where common practice is to bring the goods from the warehouse located in the area (at a much lower rate lease), and without concern for the prohibition of supply at certain times. Such reasonable and "organic" solutions are possible according to common sense of the manager and small / medium needs a point.