A Frenchie in Warsaw



Students of architecture and design do their interships in A+D. We host young and creative guests for the third time this year.

Fabrice from France is staying with us since June. Since July - Sofia from Spain.

As we are planning a new concept for a chain of restaurants, we have asked Fabrice to find local themes - places, smells, colours etc of Warsaw. It will allow us to keep fresh look at our city - a view from an independent visitor.

This is how he sees Warsaw:


In 3 sentences, Warszawa is for me:

The town where everybody walk at the right side of the street.

The town where you can grab your bread by yourself in a "delikatesy".

The town where building have a different colour between ground and first floor.


First stop : Downtown

Buildings and monuments are neighbours, old and modern trams work together, international brand and

little delikatesy are in the same area...The town is a contrasted zone.

The centrum can be compared to a swarming mass. People are moving and talking everywhere. Coca Cola,

policemen and football advertisements are omnipresent for the 2012 euro.

It's sad for Polska to be already eliminated.


Second stop : The Old Town

Full of tourists, it's the place where everybody is happy. Nicely restaured, you can touch typical red brick

walls while walking on cobbled streets.

A lot of restaurants give a good aroma: meat, creme brulee.... It depends where you are!

Guitar, accordion, harp players and dancers provide dynamism and enjoyable ambiance to the place.


Third stop : Delikatesy

You can find what ever you need in a delikatesy. This beautiful word nominee every supermarkets. The space design of those shops is very typical (I call it "the messy organisation"). You will know why if you visit one!


Do zobaczenia wkrótce!



Fabrice, design student, 2 months placement in A+D