93gradi - a new food cocncept in Milano / Italy


Darek Gocławski

We have found a brand new and unique food concept in Milan / Italy.
The name is 93gradi.
The concept combines what is becoming to be more and more popular (freshly baked bread) with attractions (every day a new and surprising menu) with a pleasure of spending time in an interesting interior, in a good atmosphere, with people of similar interests.

The owner (one of the five founders of the brand) said, that the name (93gradi) means the temperature of the bread - in the middle, when comes out of the oven at the same time refers to heat of home / family (warmth).
The place offers lasagne with bread, rolls, sandwiches, etc.
We've visited the first place, opened in mid-August (Corso Monforte 26 Milano T.02.7601.8095).
A chain of 93gradi's is planned to be roll-out.

In Milan there is no such a place, which combine the growing interest in bread, health and " innovation" so it bodes well for the brand.

What about us?

Strong campaigns are planned in Poland to promote the consumption of bread.

New association appears. Bakeries offer increasingly richer portfolio of products and timidly enter into juices, soft drinks, coffee etc.

It should take up the challenge and create a daring concept combining baking Grab'n'GO / lunch / catering with wide range of products.

We will help you to develop the strategy, concept, its implementation and development - so just ask us to help you.

In the meantime we will follow the development of the brand 93gradi :)