2015 Resume


Darek Gocławski

We say goodbye to 2015 with great pride:
+ We won the prize "BEST SHOP CONCEPT 2015" for multitap Birreria
+ Recreated the iconic restaurant Mozaika (1963)
+ We developed more than 700m2 of unique creative office space (every room different, a total of 19 different worlds)
+ We created a trendy DJ Bar in the heart of Warsaw
+ We created the concept of the café Corona in Szczecin
+ We developed the concept store of KIK FIT BAR
+ Opened more and more fashionable multitap "STACJA GROCHOW
+ We improved the functionality of the restaurant Sofra
+ Improved the operation of the Heritage Shop & Wine CHAIN: Solec, Pl. Narutowicza, Pl. Zbawiciela
+ We opened a showroom of exclusive brands (SMEG etc.)
+ We have done dozens of offices' projects
+ We have developed dozens of projects of shops
+ We performed at several conferences, conducted several lectures, wrote several articles.
It was a good year.
Thank you for trust and cooperation!